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19 Aprile 2015

In occasione del Fuori Salone, e durante tutto EXPO: PURE DISCLOSURE






"A fluid container, thought out to be reconfigured following the guidelines of a single, unbridled principle: total freedom of expression, without limitations on regards of means, matter, language. A space where to create, on the long term, that kind of linguistic metissage which is the essence of contemporary culture, safe from the rigidity of official schemes.

Marsèlleria Permanent Exhibition is the multi-disciplinary platform created by Marsèll in 2009 in the spaces of via Paullo, Milan, following the idea that style is a global cultural practice. In an organic osmosis between material and immaterial, the space, white and devoid of overt defining signs, adapts to the neutral and ever-changing concept. It offers everyone who feels the urge to express themselves a free, polymorphous zone, where to create whatever they want in a radical and personal way. It is the chosen form – from video to performance, from installation to reading to photography – that designs the ambiance and the way it is used, not the other way round. Reality becomes a product of the imagination.

Marsèlleria Permanent Exhibition is a laboratory where limits, possibilities and crossovers of artistic languages are tested. Planning follows emotional, rather than institutional, criteria, with an accent on the Italian milieu. Not being linked to any specific form of art, Marsèlleria Permanent Exhibition is a space that welcomes every expression of creativity. It offers each author the possibility to show himself in a free, frank way, despite of the nature of his work. Radical authenticity is the only principle. No rhetoric, a certain concision. With a soul."


Una bizzarra interpretazione della stampa 3D volutamente messa alla prova realizzando geometrie estreme e non indicate per la tecnologia FDM

Il modello è stato ricreato da un vero mazzo di fiori, posizionato in orrizzontale e scansionato per creare notevoli sottosquadri, nessuna postproduzione della nuvola di punti.





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